2009 was a bad year for the auto industry, but a good year for Nice Price or Crack Pipe. Today, it's time to look back on the year and pick the best -or worst - of the bunch.

Whether the seller's price is so low it makes you think he doesn't know what he's got, or so high you get a nose bleed just reading it, NPOCP gives your brain some exercise every morning. Sorry about that. Today we're going to do something slightly different- which is something that, if your significant other were to say to you in bed, would have you pricking up your ears. As I am not your significant other, knock that shit off.


Below is a list of the top NPOCP entries from the past year- one per month. They've been chosen based on having garnered either the highest traffic or comment count, or just because I say so. Anybody who wishes to take issue with the choices is welcome to speak to the cat. The cat will be handling all complaints moving forward.

For the rest of you, first off, thanks to all who have provided tips and other input over the past year- your help is invaluable. Now, instead of determining whether a car is nicely priced, or its owner is a crack-smoking rip-off artist, I want you to chose which of the twelve posts below is the most extreme in relation to price- i.e. which is the MOST nice priced, or MOST crack piped. That shouldn't be too hard, you've seen them all before.

Ready? Go nuts. Oh, and happy new year y'all. You're a good bunch.


Be a Ninja Star with a $10,000 BMW M5!


Ruh Roh, It's a Rot Rod For $6,000


1999 Vector M12 for a Myth-Busting $139,900!


What's a Cosworth? Oh About $26,500!


1971 Datsun 240Z V12 for $9,800!


1985 Dodge 600 Convertible for a Life-Altering $15,000


Devil in a Blue Dress-Selling E30 Touring for $15,000


1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula for $5,000?


The Cause of Pontiac's Demise for $5,000!


1984 Mercedes Benz 500SL for $85,000!


Nice Price or Crack Pipe: The $69,900 Volvo P1800


Nice Price or Crack Pipe: The $145,000, 678-Mile, Buick GNX

You decide!