If there's one thing missing from our lives, it's a totally camp sidecar based on a WWII fighter plane. This F4-F Wildcat was created by a man so obsessed with Americana he runs a Wild West theme park in Hungary.

Apparently unable to score a period Indian or a Harley WLA, Henrik Toth grafted Indian-style fenders and a leading-link front end onto a Yamaha Warrior before mocking up a sidecar fuselage and canopy based on the F4-F Wildcat.


Our favorite detail is the outboard jerry can mounted to the right wheel cover. While riding a sidecar, it's extremely easy to underestimate the width on that side and put the right wheel off the road or even into barriers and guardrails. Extending the width isn't a very good idea, which is compounded by mounting something extremely flammable there. "Explosion" is right. [T-Motor via Gizmodo]