The film Annie Hall opens with two jokes. It's appropriate given Woody Allen's role as a comedian. The first is the Marx-attributed quote about not wanting to be a member of a club you'd qualify for membership in, but the second one is what we care about. It's the joke about two elderly women at a Catskills resort complaining about the food; the first says it's awful and the second agrees it's bad "and such small portions." There was a lot of bitching in the Audi R8 Snow Plow vid Ray posted earlier, but Brandeegee was there to correct everyone and then make another crazy (but tongue-in-cheek) complaint.

It's easy to call this guy a douche nozzle, but just remember that a) it's not his car; b) he needs to find someway to get people to read his blog; c) as a "journo" he probably barely makes enough to buy a ramshackle Quincy home for the equivalent of 2.5 R8 V-10s; and d) he's only a douche nozzle because he neglected to think about bringing fabric shopping bags.

Actually, the first joke applies here, too.