The 5.0 Mustang is back — a displacement chosen more for history than performance. And what a history it's been. So dust off the books and tell us: what's your favorite Mustang?

While it may not be the best Mustang ever, the 1985.5 Mustang SVO is our favorite. The SVO was, (arguably) the best-handling version of the Fox-body 'Stang, striving for lightness and nimble performance by substituting a turbocharged four-banger over a heavy V8 and adding four-wheel disc brakes. Power peaked at 205 HP with 248 lb-ft of torque, on par with the mid-80's GTs but more than one hundred pounds lighter. It's also the only attractive-looking Fox Body thanks to the hood scoop, bi-plane spoiler, unique headlights and SVO wheels.


With turbos back on the in at Ford, the thought of a light, four-banger RWD muscle car making a comeback in its lineup makes our head swim. Even better, we think they may even have an engine that'll work — the four-cylinder EcoBoost bound for the Fusion. Of course, more than likely we'll end up with a vehicle that's tuned merely to try and be fast and fuel efficient, but succeed only in being completely boring. Cough! Cough! SHO! Cough!

We're weird and there are maybe 500 other Mustang variants out there, so tell us, what's your favorite?


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