A couple of years back, we saw that Volvo 240s were getting scrapped at a ferocious clip… and the process continues today. I visited my local self-service boneyard and found eleven 240s, out of 100 or so European imports.

Since the 1984 and newer 240s (which were manufactured until 1991) qualified for the Cash For Clunkers program, some of these cars are Clunkpocalypse victims. Most, however, were discarded by owners who didn't feel like paying Sven The MĂ«chĂĄnĂŻc to fix some minor- yet costly- problem. A few years ago, those same Volvo owners would have spent their last kroner to keep their cars on the road, but the ol' bricks no longer have the same sensible/safe cachet, and 18 MPG starts to cut into the lutefisk budget.


Would you believe that even the quasi-rare 242 coupes are getting crushed? Two out of the eleven boast the sporty two-door setup. There's such a glut of junked 240s nowadays that most of these cars won't even donate many parts to living cars.