'Tis the season to haul gifts, honey glazed hams, family members too cheap to get a cab, and, of course, a European Semi. We may not all have rollbacks, but we all move stuff. What's the craziest thing you've hauled?

For the purposes of anonymity we'll redact the name of the person responsible for the following story, but you must not be paying attention if you can't figure it out. There was a big hipster bike-loving party in NYC and you can't have a big hipster bike-loving party without a bunch of vintage motorcycles. Conveniently, the International Motorcycle Show was going on at the Javits Convention Center. An older Tundra was located and approximately 300K in classic 60s metal (Ducati, Benelli, MV Augusta) was loaded, haphazardly, into the back. One pothole into the drive and all of the bikes tipped over. Properly secured? C'mon, it ain't easy loading motorcycles when you're wearing skinny jeans and it's negative temperatures outside. Magically, nothing broke. Everything was quietly returned to the scene and no one, until now, was the wiser.

Okay Santas, down some nog and share a tale of how you loaded down your sleigh.

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