There are laws preventing automakers from making outrageous and false promises about their vehicles — but these laws don't apply to car names. With the help of our readers we've identified the ten most optimistic car names of all time.

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Vehicle: Dodge Conquest
The Definition: conquest |ˈkänˌkwest; ˈkä ng-| (verb): The act or process of conquering, victory.
The Reality: It's based on a Japanese car, meaning Dodge was actually the conquest.
Suggested By: FormerlyPreferredCustomer

Vehicle: Acura Legend
The Definition: legend |ˈlejənd| (noun): A story from the past.
The Reality: As Acura's first car ever, there was really no past to draw from.
Suggested By: AustinMiniMan

Vehicle: Suzuki Swift
The Definition: swift |swift| (adjective): Happening with great quickness and speed.
The Reality: The Suzuki Swift had only three cylinders and was very slow.
Suggested By: Audaxero

Vehicle: Dodge Dynasty
The Definition: dynasty |ˈdīnəstē| (noun): A powerful family that maintains its position for a long time.
The Reality: The Dynasty was so bad there was, ironically, only one generation.
Suggested By: PotbellyJoe

Vehicle: Chevy Celebrity
The Definition: celebrity |səˈlebrətē| (noun): A famous person.
The Reality: No famous person would ever be seen in a Celebrity. Double bonus irony points for the Celebrity Eurosport.
Suggested By: npage148

Vehicle: Suzuki Esteem
The Definition: esteem |iˈstēm| (noun): respect and admiration.
The Reality: No one has ever felt esteemed driving a Suzuki Esteem.
Suggested By: inthetrash

Vehicle: AMC/Renault Encore
The Definition: encore |ˈänˌkôr| (noun): An additional performance demanded by a pleased audience.
The Reality: Reliability problems plagued the Encore and AMC was driven out of business shortly after its introduction, no encore ever to be demanded or made.
Suggested By: ciscokidinsf

Vehicle: Studebaker Dictator
The Definition: dictator |ˈdikˌtātər| (noun): A leader with absolute authority.
The Reality: While the name "Dictator" might have had some cachet in the early 1930s when everyone though Mussolini was a great guy, it is way overly optimistic to think monarchies in Europe would fall in love with the idea.
Suggested By: duckfat

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Vehicle: Triumph Acclaim
The Definition: acclaim |əˈklām| (noun): The joy of victory or success/to shout praise or applause.
The Reality: A two-fer as the company was ultimately unsuccessful and the Acclaim was arguably its least praised vehicle.
Suggested By: muhnkee_2

Vehicle: Ford Aspire
The Definition: aspire |əˈspī(ə)r| (verb [ intrans. ]): direct one's hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.
The Reality: If you've purchased a Ford Aspire, you've already given up on all your goals in life.
Suggested By: ash78