Back in 1969 Honda introduced a bike called the CB750. Lauded at the time for advanced technical features like its SOHC inline-four and single disc front brake, its lasting impact came from its ability to not leak oil everywhere and to go around corners without rust causing it to fall apart halfway round. It was that combination of speed, handling and not-leaking-oilyness that eventually destroyed the British motorcycle industry. The limeys at Triumph, Norton et al just couldn't get their heads around that whole not leaking oil thing.

Today, we possibly witnessed another such epoch-defining event in the form of the VIP Styling Honda Odyssey. It's like a BMW, but wait for it....not fat and ugly. What's that you say? It's possible to make a kidney-grille equipped automobile without making it weigh 5,500lbs and look like Manuel Urib? Again, Japan is blowing the minds of the industry establishment.

KingOfTheRing points this out, saying:

Oh those crafty Japanese! First they do motorcycles better than the British, now they make a better BMW than the Germans.

It's possible that, in 40-years time, the 5 Series GT will be sought after among collectors for its combination of limited utility and immense weight, but somehow we doubt it'll enjoy the same status the Triumph Bonneville does today.