Yesterday we saw the leaked pictures of the U.S.-Spec 2011 Ford Fiesta. That anyone could have a fiesta in a car so small is a hopeful sentiment but not an extreme stretch. What's the most optimistic vehicle name?

We think the Dodge "Dart" was an incredibly charitable name for a vehicle not particularly dart-like or dart-shaped. By the 1970s any semblance of sexiness was ripped out of the car in favor of a shape more similar to a squared-off Rubbermaid container with safety bumpers. It gets even more hilarious when you consider the Dodge Dart GT or Dart Swinger. In fact, the only reason Dart is sort of appropriate as a name is that, like actual darts, the Dodge is often found at shitty bars.

See the glass as half-full and tell us: what's the most optimistic vehicle name.

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