This weekend Tiger Woods, Nick Hogan, and the Italian Police all had "Oh Crap!" moments in their respective cars (or, O Merda!). What's your biggest vehicular "Oh Crap!" Moment?

As always, we turn to our own stunt driver Wes Siler for an answer to this question. We're guessing there were a number of "Oh Crap!" moments leading up to the the photo above, but we can only guess because he doesn't remember them. Needless to say, there was quite the realization that something was wrong while having to explain to the medics that no, his neck wasn't messed up, it was the arm. It wasn't until he lifted his arm and wiggled it around like a tentacle that they figured it out.


What about you? Maybe you're not living as dangerously as Wes, but certainly you've almost screwed up in your own way. What's your biggest vehicular "Oh Crap!" moment?

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