The 21st race in 24 Hours Of LeMons history took place in Northern California last weekend, and we saw a BMW E30 take the overall win for the second time in a row, bringing BMW's LeMons win total to four.

Amazingly, we saw European cars take seven of the first ten positions, with four BMWs, an Alfa Romeo, a Porsche, and a Volkswagen dominating the race. Mazda and Toyota have five LeMons wins apiece, so we have to think that they're sweating in the boardrooms of Tokyo and Hiroshima right about now. Look for factory-sponsored $500 cars in the near future!

The third annual Arse Freeze-A-Palooza was more like an Arse Cool-A-Palooza this time, due to the schedule putting the race in November instead of December. We had more cars on the track than we'd ever seen at any LeMons event, and the LeMons Supreme Court punished more miscreants than ever before (570 total black flags). We saw our first-ever Toyota Cressida, Renault Alliance, and Northstar-engined Cadillac. The LeMons tradition of Nissan Zs failing miserably continued, with seven 280ZXs and 300ZXs on the track and only one finishing in the top 100… at 99th place. The 2009 LeMons season is now officially over. See you in Phoenix next January!


Thanks to Daniel Zanelli, Kyle Ryan, and Larisa Wolf for photographic help; thanks also to the Faster Farms Non-Rotisserie Chickens for allowing me to bolt the PillarCam to their Belvedere.

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1. Pandamonium Racing, BMW 325i
Overall Winner
Best Lap: 2:19;185

2. Eyesore Racing, Ghettocharged Mazda Miata
Winner, Organizer's Choice Award
Winner, Class Good
Best Lap: 2:16.282

3. Bavarian Beer Wagon, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:21.786

4. Team California Mille, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Winner, Highest Placing 70s Contender Award
Best Lap: 2:26.955

5. Formula BMW, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:21.671

6. Cajun Coonasses dba Speed Racer, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:29.481

7. Team Hurling Moss, BMW 2002
Winner, Class Bad
Best Lap: 2:27.843

8. Old Fast Auto Race Team, Porsche 924S
Best Lap: 2:21.181

9. Lil Smokey And The Bandit, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:19.227

10. $14 The Hard Way, Volkswagen Golf
Best Lap: 2:23.799

11. Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head, Volkswagen Rabbit
Best Lap: 2:28.931

12. Geo Metro-Gnome 2.0, Geo Metro
Best Lap: 2:18.195

13. The Faustest Team, BMW 325
Best Lap: 2:23.160

14. Los Cerdos Voladores, Plymouth Neon
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award
Best Lap: 2:23.146

15. 1Up Mother Cluckers - Well-Connected Nissan Freaks
Winner, Judges' Choice Award
Best Lap: 2:22.986

16. Lipstick On A Pig, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best Lap: 2:24.079

17. Italian Stallions aka "The Fiat," Fiat X1/9
Best Lap: 2:25.618

18. Autobahn Society Racing, BMW 2002
Best Lap: 2:30.655

19. Zoom-Zoom...BOOM, Mazda 323
Best Lap: 2:29.873

20. Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta, 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider
Best Lap: 2:21.236

21. Heisenberg Racing, BMW 318
Best Lap: 2:21.422

22. Barbarian Motorworks, BMW 325eS
Best Lap: 2:21.164

23. Rockerz In Dockerz, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:34.323

24. The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, Peugeot 505 Turbo
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award
Best Lap: 2:27.088

25. Socialist Dogsledders, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:24.155

26. Bernal Dads Racing, Volvo 245
Best Lap: 2:31.161

27. Scuderia Flat Pack, Volvo DL
BS Penalty laps: 4
Best Lap: 2:17.234

28. The Sharks, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:18.246

29. Frozen Assets, Plymouth Neon
Best Lap: 2:20.990

30. Absolute Lemon Motorsports, BMW 325
Best Lap: 2:20.033

31. Falknor Auto Racing Team (FART), BMW 535i
Best Lap: 2:24.714

32. An Inconvenient Car, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:22.319

33. Planet Hell Racing, Porsche 944
Best Lap: 2:30.168

34. Clueless Party Vikings Vintage Racers, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:23.009

35. Uber Vogel Hans-Am, Mercedes-Benz 190E
Best Lap: 2:26.873

36. Free Range Racing, Toyota MR2

37. Team Cant Am, Volvo 242 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:27.579

38. Reversed Darwinism II: Brute Force And Ignorance, Ford Crown Victoria
Best Lap: 2:24.817

39. PIT CREW REVENGE, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:27.761

40. Filthy Faux Ford GT40, Ford Escort ZX2
BS Penalty laps: 10
Best Lap: 2:25.862

41. Sierra Auto Recycling, Ford Crown Victoria
Best Lap: 2:28.674

42. Stars & Stripes Racing, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:23.415

43. Carpocalypse NOW!, Eagle Talon TSi
Best Lap: 2:24.613

44. Guud Humor Racing, Ford Ranger
Winner, Class Ugly
Best Lap: 2:25.495

45. Dust n Debris, Dodge Shadow
Best Lap: 2:31.937

46. Beaver Domination, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:22.313

47. POS Delivery, BMW 325i
Best Lap: 2:26.497

48. Red Rocket Racing, Toyota Celica GT
BS Penalty laps: 1
Best Lap: 2:33.262

49. The Cannonball Bandits, Toyota Corolla FX16
Best Lap: 2:34.066

50. Carpet Pissers, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:25.011

51. Festiva Royale, Ford Festiva
Best Lap: 2:35.383

52. LowerGearEpisode2, BMW 325
Best Lap: 2:20.892

53. Death Race 2000: Frankenstein's REVENGE, Mazda MX-6
BS Penalty laps: 50
Best Lap: 2:28.969

54. Squadra Volante, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Best Lap: 2:32.232

55. Caffeine Unlimited, BMW E30
Best Lap: 2:24.698

56. Team Barbie, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 2
Best Lap: 2:34.177

57. Deepest Valley Racing, Chevrolet Caprice
Best Lap: 2:32.734

58. San Jose Scalawags, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:27.099

59. Badagascar, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:23.847

60. Save The Whale, Ford Crown Victoria
BS Penalty laps: 50
Best Lap: 2:15.069

61. Team California Mille #2, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Best Lap: 2:33.280

62. Redneck Racing Team (RRT), Cadillac Eldorado
Best Lap: 2:31.785
Image credit: Kyle Ryan

63. Team Petty Cash, Jeep Cherokee
Best Lap: 2:31.561

64. Size Does Matter, Plymouth Fury
Best Lap: 2:26.603

65. Purple Lemon Racing, Volkswagen Beetle
Winner, Index Of Effluency
Best Lap: 2:47.501

66. Mysteries Inc. Racing, Plymouth Voyager Turbo
Best Lap: 2:47.721

67. Fast Cat Jungle Racing, Toyota Cressida
Best Lap: 2:35.849

68. I Wanna Roc, Chevrolet Camaro
Best Lap: 2:30.398

69. Team Ken, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:31.182

70. TSP - Drivers In Training, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:25.481

71. Mazdarachis, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:12.311

72. Snobs On The Dole, Saab 9-3 Convertible
Best Lap: 2:27.135

73. Team King Crab, BMW 325i
BS Penalty laps: 1
Best Lap: 2:37.413

74. Members Only, Porsche 928 Shooting Brake
Best Lap: 2:19.718

75. NYPD ITB, Mazda 323
Best Lap: 2:31.954

Best Lap: 2:22.682

77. Sin City SCAR Wars, Pontiac Fiero
Best Lap: 2:30:263

78. Chim Chim Racing, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 2:28.689

79. Snowspeeder Pilots Association, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:27.409

80. Gift With Purchase, BMW 325iS
Best Lap: 2:19.947

81. Hit & Run II, Mitsubishi Starion
Best Lap: 2:29.933

82. Magnum P.O.S., Honda CRX

83. Team Lightning McQueen, Pontiac Sunfire
Best Lap: 2:42.587

84. Yushin Maru Racing, Toyota Supra
Best Lap: 2:04.824

85. B-Team, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:30.216

86. Unknown Fluids, BMW 633CSi
Best Lap: 2:26.837

87. Fart-Rari Racing, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:23.518

Best Lap: 2:25.532

89. Runs Like A Raped Ape, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:20.101

90. The Big EASY, Porsche 914
Best Lap: 2:30.939

91. Fast Times @ Placer High, Mazda Miata
BS Penalty laps: 20
Best Lap: 2:21.702

92. A+ Trailer Trash, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:26.694

93. The Flakes, Volvo 244
Best Lap: 2:32.852

94. Starsky and the Bandit, Ford Capri
Best Lap: 2:27.427

95. Team Dai Hard, Daihatsu Charade

96. ZZ Uber Das Driver: Uncle Uber Is Back, Volkswagen GTI

97. Frak This Racing / Lime Tigers, Datsun 280Z
Best Lap: 2:14.862

98. Knights Of The Round Track, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:32.676

99. 1320 Turners, Datsun 280ZX
Best Lap: 2:19.039

100. D, C&H Taxi Co, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:31.928

101. Tercelators' Totally Bitchen Camaro, Chevrolet Camaro
Best Lap: 2:36.017

102. The Channel 4 News Team, Nissan 240SX
BS Penalty laps: 16
Best Lap: 2:25.019

103. Diplomatic Immunity, 1995 Mercedes-Benz S600
Winner, Heroic Fix Award
Winner, I Got Screwed Award
Best Lap: 2:43.869

104. U.S. BureauCRAP, Nissan Maxima
BS Penalty laps: 10
Best Lap: 2:23.578

105. Junk Yard Kats, Datsun 280ZX
Best Lap: 2:25.387

106. Hit & Run, BMW 320i
Best Lap: 2:41.311

107. Punk Racing, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 10
Best Lap: 2:19.362

108. A Lemon Entry, Ford Escort
Best Lap: 2:32.656

109. Nerd Herd, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:25.362

110. THUNDER RACERS, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:26.362

111. Team InternationOLVO (aka Damn Foreigners), Volvo 242 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:35.094

112. REDNECK RACERS, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:23.586

Best Lap: 2:23.586

114. Huey Newis and the Lose, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:26.513

115. Unsafe At Any Speed, Chevrolet Corvair
Best Lap: 2:54.645

116. HomeTown Buffet / WOO WOOO!, Isuzu I-Mark RS
Best Lap: 2:35.967

117. Rooster Juice Racing, Porsche 924
BS Penalty laps: 2
Best Lap: 2:35.773

118. Gimp Pimp, Cadillac STS
Best Lap: 2:29.979

119. E=MC HAMMERED, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:25.462

120. Audi In Wonderland, Audi 90
Best Lap: 2:28.695

121. Wienerschmoker II: Electric Boogaloo, BMW 325e
BS Penalty laps: 15
Best Lap: 2:27.387

122. Rice Rocket Racing (the Sequel) or RQubed, Nissan 280ZX
Best Lap: 2:23.140

123. XDOG'S, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:31.199

124. Rockin Rollers, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 20
Best Lap: 2:32.502

125. Faster Farms II: Non Rotisserie Chickens, Plymouth Belvedere
Best Lap: 2:32.949

126. Wedginator III, Triumph TR7
Best Lap: 2:30.420

127. Automatica, BMW 325i Convertible
BS Penalty laps: 1
Best Lap: 2:26.283

128. Rubber Chicken Piccata Racing, Volvo 740GLE
BS Penalty lap: 4
Best Lap: 2:27.115

129. Blood Drive / Arcane Racing, BMW 530i
Best Lap: 2:24.252

130. Family Truckster, Ford Pinto
Best Lap: 2:29.685

131. F-ING Renault Fromage1 Racing Team, Renault Alliance
BS Penalty laps: 5
Best Lap: 2:42.831

132. The Black Flags, Toyota Supra
Best Lap: 2:27.738

133. Project FATE, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:34.077

134. Leftover Parts Racing, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 5
Best Lap: 2:32.608

135. 4 R's (aka 501k), Volkswagen Jetta
Best Lap: 2:30.428

136. Las Vegas Magic, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:25.497

137. Chicken Licken- Reburned, Nissan Stanza
Best Lap: 2:28.123

138. Killer Bees, MGB
Best Lap: 2:34.924

139. Pearl Harbor Racing, Datsun 200SX
Best Lap: 2:37.848

140. Angry Hamster Racing, Honda Z600
Winner, Dangerous Homemade Technology Award
Best Lap: 2:30.906

141. Magnum P.I.G., Toyota Celica
Best Lap: 2:30.847

142. Dudes of Hazard, Toyota Celica Alltrac Turbo
Best Lap: 2:31.097

143. Group of Foolz, BMW 533i
Best Lap: 2:41.045

144. Team Apathy, Saab 9000 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:33.079

145. Team Pyrite, Eagle Talon
Best Lap: 2:29.821

146. Clunkers Refuge Racing, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:40.543

Best Lap: 2:53.268

148. Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:33;837

149. Hatfield's and McCoy's, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 3:29.281

150. Kamikaze Ninjas With Lasers, Nissan Sentra SE-R
BS Penalty laps: 150
Best Lap: 2:26.620

151. Mark's Wife Won't Let Him Drive, Prosche 944
BS Penalty laps: 300
Best Lap: 2:19.175

152. Motoring J Style, Acura Integra
BS Penalty laps: 1,200
Best Lap: 2:22.508