Of the theories for why the Olso Accords between Palestine and Israel failed, perhaps one of the most interesting is the perspective of Norwegian political scholar Hilde Henriksen Waage. Rather than blame weak leadership from the U.S., large demands from the Israelis, or fickleness on the part of the Palestinains, she points to the role Norway played in trying to broker a back-channel agreement between the two parties. Her point is that Norwegian foreign minister Jan Egeland's role in the process was flawed from the start given his close ties to the Israelis. In fact, in a review of documents most of his notes have disappeared. Regardless, it didn't work out and this is what you need to know in order to understand Snapoversteer's interpretation of the gallery of automotive puns.

Tha Accord looks like it's about to mow down Arafat and Rabin, which come to think of it, wouldn't have made Oslo any less effective.


Too soon?