New Yorkers, be on the lookout for a douchebag NY Post writer in a brand-new Corvette. It's "business writer" John Crudele trying to screw GM using a 60-day money back guarantee Corvette as a rental while his mulletgasmic Camaro's repaired.

Crudele's looking to "rent" the Corvette from All American Chevy in Middletown, NJ by using and abusing GM's 60-day money back guarantee. Good idea right? Yeah, except that β€” if you'll remember from our guide on how to screw GM out of a 60-day money back guarantee β€” if he puts so much as a ding, dent or scratch in it, he'll be liable for the full price of the 'vette. Now, we're not saying you should put a ding, dent or scracth into Crudele's new 'merican super car. But we can imagine it'd be pretty difficult to not want to do it if we saw it parked β€” you know β€” anywhere.

If anyone spots Crudele, be sure to snap a picture of him and his new Corvette to send in to our tips line β€” if he ends up actually following through with his dastardly plan to screw himself out of taxpayer-paid bailout money. We'll call it Crudele Corvette Watch. [NY Post]