Let's make today an Anglophilic Down On The Street Bonus Edition Sunday, with a couple of British machines that Dr. Danger photographed for us.

I think the Jensen GT was one of the best things to come out of the Malaise Era, but I have yet to see one on the street. Great find, Dr. Danger!

Found a couple interesting cars hanging around Boston. First saw that Jaguar MK IX sitting behind my building downtown. I have seen this car before, but not sitting. Its a sweet ride with that Royal Yachting Association emblem on the grill. The (guessing '68) Impala was hanging out in the Stop & Shop parking lot. There was a hard-had and coveralls sitting in the back, looked like iron worker stickers. Probably stopped off for a case of Winter Lager and some rib-eye steaks. Then finally saw the Jensen-Healey GT just before I got back to the house, its breadvanalicious!
Sorry about the camera-phone quality. I always seem to find cars when my real camera is at home.