Years ago man looked upon a car and said "that's not long enough for me." It's been downhill ever since. With the help of our readers here's Jalopnik's list of the ten most obnoxious limo conversions.

The line between awesome and obnoxious is a fine one, but these ten vehicles (and a bonus!) end up on the wrong side of it. We'll just take a long-wheelbase Executive Town Car, thanks.

Started Life As: An Excalibur
Turned Into: A neo-classical car that's even worse to drive
Appropriate For: A wedding officiated by a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator.
Suggested By: Maymar

Started Life As: Hummer H2
Turned Into: A Yellow Tiger-Print Monstrosity
Appropriate For: A nightmare trip to the Zoo.
Suggested By: Jagvar

Started Life As: Lamborghini Countach (we think) or a Fiero!
Turned Into: None of the privacy of a limo or the handling of a Ferrari... complete with a built-in jacuzzi full of crabs!
Appropriate For: Taking your friends to a White Snake reunion tour.
Suggested By: AtlasFugged

Photo Credit: LosAngelesExoticLimos

Started Life As: Some sort of boring Ukranian car
Turned Into: The visual approximation of Viktor Yushchenko's face.
Appropriate For: Celebrating your victory over taste, Russian-backed political parties.
Suggested By: Buster Brew

Started Life As: Ferrari 360
Turned Into: A waste of one Ferrari and about $1,000 an hour
Appropriate For: Marrying someone who wears Ferrari team shirts but actually drives a Ford Escort.
Suggested By: Scandanavian Flick

Started Life As: Toyota Prius
Turned Into: A rolling monstrosity that takes up a lot of space on the road, uses more gas, and is a waste of six doors since we can't imagine six people getting into it.
Appropriate For: Taking an Angry Green Girl to the Teen Choice Awards.
Suggested By: Oddfish

Started Life As: Mini Cooper
Turned Into: A waste of over 1,000,000 swarvoski crystal
Appropriate For: Princess Regina of Kazakstan, who is driven around in it.
Suggested By: Sharkd

Started Life As: PT Cruiser
Turned Into: It's definitely pink
Appropriate For: A 15th birthday party in Hello Kitty hell
Suggested By: K5ING

Photo Credit:

Started Life As: A Pontiac Grand Prix
Turned Into: Something actually worse than a Pontiac Grand Prix
Appropriate For: A NASCAR-themed funeral
Suggested By: Firepwr

Started Life As: Cadillac EXT
Turned Into: A giant limo with a tiny bed
Appropriate For: Going to homecoming... with your cousin.

Started Life As: A DeLorean DMC
Turned Into: A stretched DeLorean Limo, which is either obnoxious or awesome, we can't tell the difference right now.
Appropriate For: Marrying Elizabeth Shue
Suggested By: TheCharles411