Traditional publishing is in a lot of trouble. Why? They just can't get their heads around media consumers. In the good ol' days, no one cared about readers. If you were the only game in town, you were the only place for advertisers to blow their money before blowing cocaine. Then Al Gore invented Teh Internets and messed up the model by giving Joe Average the power to look at LOLcats instead of Maureen Dowd's latest poorly written column. Growing up in an era of listless plenty, today's media moguls are just unable to adapt to a world in which they no longer have a license to mint money.

Commenter smalleyxb122 offered an insight into the reasons why Arty won't be buying a new yacht this year in our story about an Acura wearing a "We Write" vanity plate parked next to a crappy Voyager wearing a "We Read" plate (they apparently don't read EuroNCAP safety reports), extrapolating:

Just beyond the camera to the left is a Benz with the plate "WE PBLSH", and to the right is a 1987 Plymouth Reliant with "WE WCH TV".

Of course, he missed the subway pass on the ground just in front of all the cars with "WE BLOG" written on it in sharpie.