Texas rivals California in terms of producing prolific singer-songwriters. They range from the famous and classic, like Willie Nelson and Townes Van Zandt, to the modern party singers like Hayes Carl and Pat Green. But if we have to pick a favorite it's going to be Lyle Lovett. Both entertainer and troubadour, Lovett is a showman who sings often unsophisticated music with a high level of sophistication and thought similar to the way Tom Waits twists a stripped down version of blues into something grand. This is on display in the song "You're Hot To Go" which is a simple swinging tune about a girl who is, essentially, easy and also turns out to be ugly. The clever turn comes when the girl is given a chance to respond saying "Well, you're ugly too." There's been a little criticism levied at the Front Wing Scion TC and area_educator is ready to respond.

Every time this comes up, the comments destroy a little more of my faith in Jalopanity.

The same jerkholes who smugly point out the limited utility of rear spoilers on FWD cars start whining about how terrible this is.

And then there's "Why not just get a RWD car?" Why have restrictions on engine size, why race vintage cars, why race $500 LeMons instead of racing proper F1 cars?

The car itself, however, is awesomely ridiculous and helps restore my faith in Jalopanity.

Actually, we noticed quite a few commenters who appreciated it, but we get the sentiment.