We've always thought the line from A League Of Their Own about there being "no crying in baseball" was a little misleading. let's be honest. There's a lot of crying in baseball. You ever see a guy admit he used steroids, cheated on his wife, or did all of them simultaneously?There's a lot of crying in sports in general. We like to pretend there's some sort of masculine protection from it but athletes, and especially fans, cry all the time. You want to bet there weren't men tearing up in Houston after the 1992 Wild Card loss to the Buffalo Bills? So yeah, people cry about things in sports all the time. When Toyota quit F1 it did bring some tears, but MaWeiTao feels this isn't a bad thing.

I wish American executives took their business this personally. And were willing to make their feelings public, if they actually have any. They always come off as aloof, like everything happens in a vacuum and there's never any personal stake in anything. It's no wonder they're so willing to outsource their core business to the lowest bidder.

Maybe we'll see some gnashing of teeth at the New Chrysler meeting today.