The New New Chrysler continues to pour out news at a furious pace, including word of more involvement in motorsports not named NASCAR. All this while the building is under attack from one crazy website (not us).

  • Ralph Giles told the crowd today that, unlike other companies, Dodge will continue to race and put more money into the Nationwide Series/NASCAR as well as more grassroots motorsports. The SRT team enjoys events like LeMons and it's a little investment that could build a lot of good will for the automaker.
  • A new unibody pickup could replace the unloved Dakota.
  • Yes, this does feel like DaimlerChrysler
  • Yes, Ray Wert is a serial over-sharer
  • The website flew planes with banners around the headquarters of Chrysler today. It's affiliated with the Teamsters and their issue seems to be bad (i.e. non-union) car transport companies.