Some of you had questions about Texas LeMons driver Anna aka Bikini Racer when you saw a few photos of her last weekend. Does she drive? Is she really a racer?

Yes, she is. In addition to the three LeMons races under her belt, she has run a best quarter-mile of 11.01 seconds at 123.36 MPH in her MkIV Supra.

We met Anna for the first time about a year ago, at the BS Inspection of the very first Yeehaw It's Texas 24 Hours Of LeMons.

Her team was running a third-gen Camaro in that race, and they finished a very close second place- by far the best performance for a Camaro in LeMons history. Did the Camaro sneak some super-cheaty suspension mods past the LeMons Supreme Court due to Anna's distracting influence, or was it just a combination of driving skill and luck? Naturally, I'm inclined to the latter opinion but, it is pretty tough to concentrate when she's in Mess With The Judges mode; this is a very smart woman who clearly knows exactly how to get men to do as she says.

Hell, maybe we should make her a judge for the next Texas LeMons race. Let's see those slick Texan cheaters try to lie to the Bikini Racer!
Thanks to Anna for the photos!

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