LeMons race #20 took place last weekend, and we saw a BMW win for the third time. That brings BMW closer to Mazda's and Toyota's five LeMons wins apiece. Let's go check out the other 122 cars now!

We had our first-ever British Leyland Index Of Effluency winner (the Mr. Bean 1962 Austin Mini was built prior to the British Leyland era) and the newest entry in LeMons history (2005). It was one of the cleanest races yet, at least in terms of cars bashing into each other, though we did have one of the highest black-flag totals in LeMons history; not quite up to Thunderhill or Buttonwillow levels, but close. We saw three different air-cooled Volkswagens (two of which were kaput fairly early), a Fiat Brava, and the usual Texas-style hordes of Mustangs, BMW E30s, and Nissan Zs.

Thanks to Nick Pon aka TheEastBayKid and RoadRunner for photographic help. Additional thanks to Team Tetanus Neon for letting me bolt the BumperCam to their car's C pillar.

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1. Race Hard Race Ugly Soot, BMW 325iS
Overall Winner
Best Lap: 2:01.289

2. GT $500 Racing, Toyota Celica
Winner, Class Good
BS Penalty laps: 2
Best Lap: 2:05.539

3. Speed Racer, Y'all, Saturn SC2
Winner, Class Bad
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award
Best Lap: 2:05.731

4. Johansson Brothers- Flying Monkey Racing, Toyota Supra
Best Lap: 2:09.378

5. Race Hard Race Uglier HDGB.com, BMW 325iS
Best Lap: 2:03.139

6. Team JB Weld, Pontiac Grand Prix
Best Lap: 2:01.699

Best Lap: 2:04.248

8. Guano By Desmodus Rufus Dump #2, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:06.963

9. Sheila and the Sheiks, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:05.590

10. Swine Flew Raycing, Infiniti J30
Best Lap: 2:09.733

11. Prancing Donkey, Acura Integra
Quickest lap of race
Best Lap: 1:57.750

12. Schrödinger's Crapbox, Dodge Neon
Best Lap: 2:07.175

13. Team Blue Goose 2, Volkswagen Rabbit
Best Lap: 2:04.062

14. FUBAR Racing, Ford Escort
Best Lap: 2:05.099

15. Unintended Acceleration- Audi, Audi 90 Quattro
Best Lap: 2:06.188

16. Live Oak Nudist Resort II, BMW 320i
Winner, Highest Placing 70s Contender award
Best Lap: 2:12.873

17. Rolling Chicane Racing, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:09.465

18. Team Flying Wrench, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:11.148

19. Rum Runners, Chevrolet Malibu
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award
Best Lap: 2:17.768

20. Polizei und Banditen, BMW 325e
BS Penalty laps: 30
Best Lap: 2:04.301

21. Team Festivus, Ford Festiva
Best Lap: 2:17.368

22. Los Cucaroches, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 1:59.981

23. Piranha Racing, BMW 325e
Winner, Best Pit Party Animals award
Best Lap: 2:12.916

24. Inglorious Bastards Racing, Datsun 240Z
Best Lap: 2:05.333

25. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:00.788

26. Property Devaluation Racing, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:04.995

27. Normal Y Ass Parade D, Toyota Paseo
Best Lap: 2:09.792

28. Apex Vinyl Driving then Drinking, Isuzu Impulse
Best Lap: 2:10.976

29. Junk Punch Racing, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:18.873

30. I GOTTA P, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:13.692

31. Tetanus Neon, Dodge Neon
Best Lap: 2:08.354

32. Team Screwdriver, Nissan Sentra
Best Lap: 2:16.439

33. Dirty Some Beaches, Honda Civic Wag-O-Van
Best Lap: 2:13.974

34. Rust Pirate Racing, Chevrolet Camaro
Winner, Class Ugly
Best Lap: 2:09.471

35. Team Israel, Opel GT
Best Lap: 2:03.594

36. BikiniRacer.com's Men Of LeMons, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:08.879

37. Ritual Killing Motorsports, Nissan 200SX
Best Lap: 2:14.425

38. Speed Racer & The Racing Rednex, Ford Mustang
Winner, Dangerous Homemade Technology award
Best Lap: 2:12.208

39. 800-2B-Petty
Best Lap: 2:09.459

40. Team Mazdarati, Mazda Protege
Best Lap: 2:15.833

41. TSOL- Totally SHIT OUTTA LUCK, Saab 9000
Winner, Über-Recidivist award
Best Lap: 2:09.775

42. Team Sour Puss, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:08.299

43. Team Iron Butt Racing, Toyota Supra
BS Penalty laps: 5
Best Lap: 2:06.224

44. Kung Fu and the Fu King Racers, Toyota Paseo
Best Lap: 2:10.359

45. Secret Society of Skanks and Bitches, BMW 5 Series
Best Lap: 2:14.647

46. Black Knight Racing: It's Just a Flesh Wound, Triumph TR7
Winner, Index Of Effluency
Best Lap: 2:08.014

47. Longhorn Raceworks, Toyota Celica
Best Lap: 2:04.664

48. Dogged Racing, Ford Probe
BS Penalty laps: 20
Best Lap: 2:06.479

49. TnT Racing, Volkswagen Golf
Best Lap: 2:03.506

50. Revolutionary Racing, BMW E36
BS Penalty laps: 48
Best Lap: 2:05.414

51. Lost In The Dark, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:07.855

Best Lap: 2:06.908

53. State Pooper, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:04.402

54. Never Give Up, BMW 1602
Best Lap: 2:05.721

55. Starsky and Hooch, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best Lap: 2:05.936

56. Brass Burro Racing, Ford Mustang II
Best Lap: 2:05.161

57. Cupcake Racing, Ford Thunderbird
Best Lap: 2:16.851

58. Prison Break Racing, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:23.060

59. The UNDERGROUND, Nissan 300ZX Turbo
Best Lap: 2:05.335

60. Guild Of Calamitous Intent, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:08.561

61. Team Miagra, Mazda Miata
BS Penalty laps: 50
Best Lap: 2:06.547

62. LBB Racing Presents: Magnum P.O.S., Nissan 240SX
Best Lap: 2:12.451

63. Airwolf Neon, Dodge Neon
Best Lap: 2:04.791

64. Broner Motorsports, Ford Probe
Best Lap: 2:17.897

65. Academics Drives Dreams, Geo Prizm
Best Lap: 2:10.136

66. Ghetto Motorsports, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:02.681

67. El Toro Loco, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:04.013

68. RustBucketRacers, Chevrolet Cavalier
Best Lap: 2:17.530

69. Hondookie, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:10.924

70. Team NAFTA, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:11.698

71. Stick Pony Racing, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:07.586

72. Mostly Harmless Racing, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Winner, Organizer's Choice
Best Lap: 2:19.192

73. NSF Racing, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:27.955

74. TDH Old School, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:10.388

75. Jewish Defense League BMW, BMW 2002
Best Lap: 2:17.391

76. Team Heffer-Weizen, Volkswagen Scirocco
Best Lap: 2:16.513

77. Team Sensory Assault, Mazda RX-7
Winner, Judges' Choice award
Best Lap: 2:06.731

78. Fat Bastard Racing, Datsun 260Z
Best Lap: 2:15.862

79. HAR-HAR Racing, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:07.361

80. Kentucky Fried Racing, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:19.524

81. Poage Ma Thoin Racing, Fiat Brava
Winner, "What's This? Do I Need One?" award (rear-view mirror)
Best Lap: 2:23.435

82. TiredBird Racing, Pontiac Firebird
Best Lap: 2:05.019

83. The SCHWING Team, Toyota Corolla FX16
Best Lap: 2:06.678

84. They Ain't Right Racing, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:07.920

85. Nickels Or Nothing, Toyota 240Z
Best Lap: 2:05.255

86. Gideons Gone Wild (GGW) Racing, BMW 318i
BS Penalty laps: 47
Best Lap: 2:04.900

87. Hoosier Daddy, Mitsubishi Galant
BS Penalty laps: 20
Best Lap: 2:13.636

88. Advance Team, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:11.316

89. Pucker Factor Racing, Nissan Sentra SE-R
BS Penalty laps: 25
Best Lap: 2:06.220

90. Out Of Town Racing, BMW 325eS
Best Lap: 2:03.458

91. Live Oak Nudist Resort Inc, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:00.816

92. Shake and Bake (Dennit Racing), Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:04.982

93. Organic Z, Datsun 280ZX
Best Lap: 2:05.620

94. Property Devaluation Racing II
Winner, I Got Screwed award
Best Lap: 2:05.611

95. Team ROADKILL, Volkswagen Fastback
Best Lap: 2:19.408

96. Little Buckaroo, Volkswagen Beetle
Best Lap: 2:31.247

97. Team Zip Tie, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:02.922

Best Lap: 2:09.586

99. WT Motorsports, BMW 535i
Best Lap: 2:30.431

100. Team Kachow, Eagle Talon
Best Lap: 2:04.807

101. Weezer Racing, Ford Escort
Best Lap: 2:13.214

102. The Bastardos de LeMons, Lincoln Mark VIII
Best Lap: 2:07.603

103. Team Blue Goose I
Best Lap: 2:03.904

104. Turd Burglars, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:07.219

105. Team Supraleggara, Toyota Supra
Best Lap: 2:16.111

106. Team RSC, Eagle Talon
Best Lap: 2:31.034

107. Ludicrous Speed!, Volkswagen Jetta
BS Penalty laps: 80
Best Lap: 2:10.349

108. Der Hoff, BMW 325
Best Lap: 2:18.767

109. SnafuRacing's Fancy Lawnmower, Plymouth Neon
Best Lap: 2:13.991

110. Alamo City Rollers, BMW 325e
BS Penalty laps: 17
Best Lap: 2:16.556

111. Shrimp Boots, BMW 325i
Winner, Best Pit Party Animals award
Best Lap: 2:21.434

112. Substandard Racing, AMC Gremlin
Best Lap: 3:13.321

113. Tobacco Advocacy Racing Program, Toyota MR2
Winner, Heroic Fix
Best Lap: 2:36.643

114. MustangIInicorn, Ford Mustang Cobra II
Best Lap: 2:28.977

115. Red or Green, Mitsubishi Eclipse
Best Lap: 2:23.094

116. The Whip-Its, Nissan 280ZX
Best Lap: 3:01.645

117. Team Clunker (Stimulus wuz denied), Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:56.444

118. Apex Vinyl TX Racing, Toyota Hilux
Best Lap: NA (didn't finish first lap)

119. Bayou Degradable, Ford Pinto
Best Lap: NA (didn't finish first lap)

120. Hooters Dirty South Racing Team, BMW 535i
BS Penalty laps: 169
Best Lap: 2:05.310

121. Unintended Acceleration- Miata, Mazda Miata
BS Penalty laps: 500
Best Lap: 2:08.998

122. Union Jack Racing, Mini Cooper S
BS Penalty laps: 1066
Best Lap: 2:09.793

123. Flying Hyoondai, Merkur XR4Ti
BS Penalty laps: 2000
Best Lap: 2:07.082