After we saw press photos of the Lingenfelter twin-turbocharged 800HP Specter Werks Corvette GTR, we headed to their Troy, Michigan shop and grabbed some exclusive first photos of the super tuner car as it was packed up for SEMA.

We pulled into Specter's parking lot and the brilliant blue car was already out front, undergoing final detailing and getting some last minute partner stickers along the rocker panel. The car's a stunner out in the sunlight, and looks unbelievable compared to the debut silver color, wearing colors reminiscent of the C4 Corvette Grand Sport, with the carbon fiber splitter and rocker panels wearing a subtle red/orange stripe to offset the blue and brooding matte carbon fiber details. The HRE carbon fiber wheels are pretty amazing, with a carbon drum and forged center bolted through bushings embedded in the lip, wouldn't want to hit a pothole with those babies at speed. The StopTech brakes promise massive stopping power and they look great too. No engine shots yet boys and girls, you gotta wait for something to see from SEMA.