Mad Max 4: Fury Road is still in the early stages of production, but the commentariat already has strong opinions about the cars. Okay, Road Warrior, what would you drive in Mad Max 4?

If you haven't noticed, we're sort of obsessed with the post-apocalypse, so this is something we've given a lot of thought to and, on any given day, we're going to change our mind. There are two things you need to know about the post-apocalyptic cannon of Mad Max. Namely, there's not much fuel and how scary you look is roughly proportional to how scary you really are. So it goes, it has to be tough, it has to be efficient and it needs to be scary. Plus, it need to fit all the basic post-Ap requirements (speed, strength, maneuverability, defensibility, reliability, livability).

After a lot of thought, we're going to go with the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, which was designed with fights in northern Australia in mind. It's lightly armored so it's not as slow as other mine-protected vehicles. It's also powerful enough to carry nine troops with their equipment and food/water for three days. Take out the other eight people, replace them with a trusty dog, and you've got enough space to carry a lot of gear. Oh, and it's got a robust air-conditioning and an even more robust Caterpillar 3126E engine. The one drawback is the appearance, which isn't as scary as other vehicles. To correct this problem we're going to Camino-ize part of the back and add a shark-nose to the front to give it the definition it needs.


What about you? Are you going to stick to the pre-war time period and pick a vehicle from the pre-1970s? Maybe something newer? It's your post-apocalypse, so you get to choose how you survive it.

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