Murilee's Animatronic Screaming Skull Brake Lights were impressive, even by her high standards. It made us wonder about attempts at automotive greatness made by you, our readers. What's your most ambitious automotive project?

As it stands now for us, Wojdyla's seemingly never finished (but always slowly progressing) 1964 Lincoln Continental is still the most ambitious project we've got going. It's ambitious because it's so unwieldy, just finding a place to fit an 18.5-foot-long car is tough, let alone work on it. Then talk about the fun of getting a 5,000 lb car onto stands. Add to it the 430 MEL V8 instead of the common-as-dirt 460 which came later, half the vacuum lines leak, the tiny engine bay and unibody construction makes everything difficult to get at and new old stock parts are rare at best. It's Ben's own personal project car hell.

Now it's your turn to brag. Have you attempted to rebuild a classic car, transport a K-Car limo with no steering wheel across the country, or try to get a Fiat to run consecutively for more than 30 minutes? What's your most ambitious automotive undertaking?


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