After eclipsing the destroyed Team SCHWING Corolla yesterday, Team GT$500 Celica grabbed the top slot and refuses to relinquish power. At the same time, one of the RX-7 teams grapples with a puzzle.

Perhaps the cruelest of penalties for those unable to think faster than they can drive, this team has struggled with the puzzle for — and we're being generous here — at least 30 minutes (one team member described it as feeling like an hour). It's either an issue of too many cooks in the kitchen or too many brain cells destroyed by fumes.

Race Hard Race Ugly BMW is now following just one lap behind with Team JB Weld Pontiac and Speed Racer Y'all Saturn (it's awesome) a lap behind them.

More updates of power grabs, barbecue, and Hobbesian retribution to come at Yee-Haw it's Lemons Texas 2009!