You’ve seen black Stigs, white Stigs, even the occasional Schumi-Stig. But have you ever seen the real Stig? Swedish rally driver Stig Blomqvist, that is.

In front of that great white rooster tail is the A2 version of the original Audi Quattro, that snarling, five cylinder Group B menace which would, in Sport Quattro S1 form, prove even more devastating on every conceivable road surface.

The A2 was no slowpoke either: with little more than half the horsepower of the S1, it was good enough for Blomqvist to win five of the 1984 World Rally Championship’s twelve races, including the 1984 Acropolis Rally, where these pictures were taken. Here’s footage of the race, unfortunately with the soundtrack toned down:


But do not despair if your aim is to fill your home or office with the turbocharged pop of Group B. Stig Blomqvist has been racing non-stop since the early Scandinavian flick days of the little two-stroke Saab 96. His senior years hinder neither his racing ability in general nor his skills at handling the Sport Quattro S1 in particular. Observe with volume at 11:

Photo Credit: Audi