While trolling about for more engine porn on the floor of the Tokyo Motor Show we came across the customizable digital speedometer and tachometer for the Lexus LFA. It looks pretty trick to us and very techie-cool. Gallery below.

While Lexus showed off the LFA here in Tokyo, they wouldn't let journalists hop inside and they certainly weren't letting journalists do some hot laps. So, seeing the tach and speedo in a display case was the best we could manage.


And to be clear, it's not entirely all-digital. There's still a non-digital cowl over the speedo and tach, but all the data is digitally displayed and customizable — but it's not like Range Rover's all-digital LCD screen. But the level of clarity and lightning-fast speed in which it moves is fairly astonishing. Click next to see more.

The coolest part is how it turns red when you hit the redline. Very trick display.