While most of you know my city for its street-parked old cars, Alameda also boasts plenty of high-buck-type show cars. Once a year, they take over the island's main drag.

Organized by the refreshingly old-school gearheads at Lee Auto Supply, the Park Street Auto Show always brings in the usual crop of really cool shoebox Chevies, first-gen Camaros and Mustangs, and so on; while we all like those cars, we've seen enough of them in the context of car shows that I think a single photograph can be used to represent that contingent. Here it is. Don't worry, I caught one of the most perfect '67 Camaro RS convertibles you'll ever see on the street yesterday, and it will appear in a future DOTS.

You know what kind of car I'll never tire of? Beater Plymouth Valiant wagons with souped-up Slant Six engines! Yes, it's a sickness. Speaking of beater Plymouths, the Faster Farms LeMons Belvedere was there; it's getting plenty of daily-driver use as it prepares to take on the Size Matters Fury at the Arse Freeze-A-Palooza race next month.

Also, 1920s Buick hood ornaments. GM needs to bring these back! OK, here's a gallery for yez; feel free to complain about my annoying pointless-detail-obsessed photographic style. Not that I'll change it, mind you, but you'll feel better.