Today's return of the Chevy Caprice to the police car ranks means more than just serious hoonage potential. With a new optional technology package, we're told it'll be the most high-tech production police car ever.

From what we can see and what we're told in the press release, the folks at Australia's National Safety Agency (NSA) are collaborating with the LAPD, Holden and Chevy to show off an advanced integrated technology system with the new Chevy Caprice. The system will include:


*Large, purpose designed, multi-function, touch screen integrated into dashboard
*Intelligent power management system
*Consolidated user interface
*Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
*In-car video with live broadcast capability
*Advanced wireless connectivity
*Automatic and seamless CAD and computer system updates performed ‘on the fly' minimising down time and costly service calls
*Wireless vehicle telemetry fleet management system
*Forward looking infrared/night vision (FLIR) camera
*Fingerprint and facial recognition capability
*Virtual prisoner cell
*Latest high output low power LED lighting technology

While yes, the proposed Carbon Motors E7 would probably beat out the tech package from Chevy, the new Caprice is, you know, real. So take a look through the photos below of what appear to be two different packages and tell us what you see.