In honor of Crash Week, we're taking a look back at some of the stranger wrecks captured by the Google Street View team. Click below to see ten confusing Google Street View accidents.

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Where: Roncq, France
What:A Renault meets a pole.
Why It's So Confusing: This French hatchback meets with what we're assuming is a pole before landing on the median. Why does it take nine policemen to deal with what looks like a one-car accident? Conveniently, this occurred near a car dealership so the driver can easily upgrade.

Where: Provo, Utah
What: A Semi-Truck overturned
Why It's So Confusing: This appears to be right in the middle of nowhere. Was there a windstorm? Did someone run this off the road?

Where: Escondido, California
What: This Volvo V70 runs smack dab into this pole.
Why It's So Confusing: The accident itself is fairly normal, but what makes this accident so interesting is that the police staged a good 40+ cones to direct traffic out of a one-car wreck. Bored, guys?

Where: San Antonio, Texas
What: Toyota Tundra in a garage
Why It's So Confusing Perhaps the worst parking job in recent memory, and after all that work to get the portico setup. This is why we can't have nice things.

Where: Loire, France
What: A couple crazy French cars again.
Why It's So Confusing: This looks like the classic t-bone at first glance, until you realize there's no other intersection. But even more interesting is the way these cars crumble. Russian steel much?

Where: Minneapolis, MN
What: Mercedes E-Class Into A Tree
Why It's So Confusing: What would possibly have motivated this Mercedes driver to run into this tree on a cozy side street? Does it have to do with the fact that the car is full of crap?

Where: Austin, Texas
What: Plymouth, Acclaim
Why It's So Confusing: Who knew any of the AA-bodied Mopar's survived? This one probably crashed into the side of the black F-150 with giant rims. Either way, no one walked away from this one happy.

Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What: A Honda Accord Coupe And A Ford Windstar
Why It's So Confusing: What made Milwaukee famous? Why, Accord coupes crashing dead on into family wagons.

Where: Central Shasta, California
What: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Why It's So Confusing: We've looked at this a few different ways and have no idea what this truck hit or why the Google team blurred out some of the ground next to the driver... unless he tossed up his lunch.

Where: Barbera del Valles, Spain
What: A subcompact and a work truck
Why It's So Confusing: It looks like this woman was so excited by the prospect of seeing a Google Street View van she backed up straight into this work truck. Oops.

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