The rules for Billetproof, run by the same miscreants who brought you the Concours d'Lemons, are very simple: 1964 and older, no billet anything, no modern wheels, no fenderless cars with independent front suspension.

The result draws a good mix of old car dudes and young rockabilly hipsters, with a random sampling of old-school lowriders, VW freaks, and drag racers thrown in for good measure.


I ran into Hellhammer, captain of the LeMons-winning Mustard Yellow V8olvo, and he took me for a cruise around the fairgrounds in his '49 Cadillac-powered 1927 Model T.


Also present was possibly the world's greatest semi tractor, which now has Oldsmobile 455 power in place of its original gasoline I6.

For the first time, Billetproof Nor-Cal is a two-day event, so you Bay Area readers can still get out to the Antioch Fairgrounds and check it out!