"Vagina" is his used car dealer's name.

When crazy cat ladies attack... Nissan Altimas.

This one's a subtle masterpiece, not only is this Ford Taurus festooned with troll dolls, the owner's gone to great lengths to apply stick on chrome fire and acquire a Plymouth badge, which has been repurposed to say "MOUTH."

We can think of no more appropriate phrase to be spray painted on a clapped out work van in a WalMart parking lot than "Git R Done." What do you think the side says?

Chevy Celebritys have a well known high speed instability issue only addressed with the application of a plywood spoiler.

His other ride probably slapped the shit out of him when it first say this tailgate proclamation.

Everybody loves Twister, especially when it's keeping the rain out of your busted Grand Am.

Most likely a burning man refugee.

Believe it or not, there's a Volkswagen Beetle in this picture. You'll have to look very close to see it, by then it might be too late.

We're doubting this beaten S10 will be doing much punishing of anything.

It's plausible this is a mobile still, complete with various containers, hoses, wires and... corn.

Most people see this picture and see a poor goat chained to a truck, we see it and wonder why more people don't have awesome truck guarding attack goats.

Why pay for a replacement window when some Great Stuff and the old window off your shed will do just fine?

Um... drugs? Lots and lots of them. That's all we've got.

So you're saying you don't have over the shoulder confederate boulder holder decals on your van? Cretin.

The main questions here are 'how?' and 'why?'

The aftermarket fog light is nice and all, but it's the old-school flashlight that really sells it.

Four wheeler transported on the back of a Cavalier, nothing out of the ordinary here.

He's Batman!

This person has deep seated issues which they need to get professional help for.