Here the artist has placed Civic Kid in a classic crash image and enhanced his visage with a bowler hat and a handlebar mustache, quite proper.

So Heidi Montag doesn't actually do anything redeeming for society, at least she does this while Civic Kid looks on.

Three great characters at one low price, Civic Kid, Ferrari Guy and SLR Guy. Go Team 'Murica!

Story boards! Memes! An incredibly long image that makes our fickle gallery system work overtime!

We have a feeling riffs on the President Obama "Yes We Can" poster will be with us a very, very long time.

Not only does this one reference the Nick Bollea's P***sy Magnet and super crashed Supra, it also drops in the Peapod Mobility, dragons and creepy internet memes.

If you haven't watched Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend, don't do it if you're at work, but if you've got a strong constitution and a fascination with the weird, you should indulge.

Civic Kid escapes a watery grave, having nothing to do with sinking the Titanic.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. looks on as Civic Kid celebrates the arrest of the dangerous Harvard professor.

Is that George McFly?