The most official way to make your interests, hobbies and quirks known to the world is through a license plate. As these twenty hilarious vanity plates show, Americans are really messed up.

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Car: Bentley Continental GTC
State: Arizona
Statement: FMADOFF
Meaning: Seriously, we hate that Madoff guy. We were going to buy a Bugatti but were forced to settle for this.

Car: Uncertain
State: Virginia
Statement: TIMMAY
Meaning: Someone really likes South Park...

Photo Credit: DirtGetsWet

Car: M3 Convertible
State: Uncertain
Statement: MMMOVIT
Meaning: I love my M3. You should also check out my Audi A6: AAAAAA.

Car: Chrysler Sebring
State: Uncertain
Statement: 693-WAY
Meaning: Someone is double-jointed

Car: Jeep XJ
State: New York
Statement: MMMBACON
Meaning: Either he thinks he has an M3, or he loves bacon.

Photo Credit: Topcultured

Car: Datsun B210
State: California
Statement: SLO POS
Meaning: Since this was taken from Craigslist it's clear this seller is being completely honest about the slow nature of the car.

Car: Lincoln Town Car
State: California
Statement: 420LIMO
Meaning: "No, Mr. Officer, we always light incense in the car."

Car: Scion xB
State: Virginia
Statement: RIAASUX
Meaning: Who knew the Swedish Pirate Party had a base in Virginia?

Car: Mercedes AMG S63
State: New Jersey
Statement: WAS87K
Meaning: U R TCKY

Car: Mercedes E-Class
State: New York
Statement: GMAIL
Meaning: The rest of the license plate was supposed to read "Franklin@."

(Hat tip to Ivan!)

Car: Unknown
State: Virginia
Statement: JK MEOFF
Meaning: "This is Moe's Tavern. Hold on. Is there a Mr. Meoff here? A Mr. Jack Meoff?"

Photo Credit JK MEOFF

Car: Honda CRV
State: California
Statement: Foreign Organization: 420
Meaning: So there's the official vehicle of the L.A. branch of the Jamaican Growers Association.

(Hat tip to drew!)

Car: Ferrari 360 Spyder
State: Ohio
Statement: UNWED
Meaning: WE KNOW WHY

(Hat tip to James!)

Car: Toyota Prius
State: Tennessee
Statement: N2ANIME
Meaning: We think you and UNWED guy should hang out.

(Hat tip to Doug!)

Car: Ford Edge
State: Unclear
Statement: OHSHIT
Meaning: We think the meaning is pretty clear — this person does not like Ohio.

Car: Porsche 911 Turbo
State: Washington
Statement: TRB0N8R
Meaning: I'm in the middle of a midlife crisis. Help!

(Hat tip to HammSammich!)

Car: Honda Accord
State: Connecticut
Statement: POOP
Meaning: This person sells Port-a-Johns.

(Hat tip to the Comedian!)

Car: Corvette LT1
State: Massachusetts
Statement: BLOGGR
Meaning: Alone.

Photo Credit: NetworkWorld</em.

Car: Hyundai Tiburon
State: Virginia
Statement:2PWN JOO
Meaning: Oh no, he's going to PWN us in his FWD crapbox!

Car: Lexus ES350
State: Florida
Statement: FNGRS EM
Meaning: This guy washes his hands, a lot.

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