Crappy Mod: Cutting the doors off a perfectly good daily-driving Jeep
Crappy Modder: ImmortalSix
Why It's So Awful: "Cutting the doors off an otherwise perfectly good XJ. This is also the best mod I ever did to that car. Off road visibility was awesome after that, but on the road, in the winter, in the rain, etc. was kind of like riding in a roller coaster with a shifter."

Crappy Mod: Aluminum Diamond Plate In The Back Of An Escort Wagon
Crappy Modder: Tanshanomi
Why It's So Awful: "Well, this would have to be the best-intentioned crappy mod I ever made, or the most poorly-implemented great mod I ever made.


I NEVER carried passengers in my old Escort wagon, but I hauled a lot of cargo, and the stupid back seat only folded forward to about a 45-degree angle. SO, I whipped that back seat outta there and put a sheet of aluminum diamond plate in its place. That's the good part.

The bad part was that for the next three years, I never quite got around to finishing the installation and mounting it properly, or finishing the edges. I just crammed a piece of timber under the front edge. So I had this loose, flexy sheet of aluminum that squeaked and rubbed and tin-canned constantly. It reflected the sun annoyingly at times. And worst, since there was no support under it where the back seat or spare tire well were, it bowed alarmingly whenever I actually loaded it down with cargo.

Oh, and since it was all one piece, you kinda had to just bend up the back to get to the spare and the jack."

Crappy Mod: Spray-Painted Tires
Crappy Modder: nytmare
Why It's So Awful: Though Nytmare tries to diffuse this by saying he "had to use up my leftover spray paint somehow," the red-and-green paintjob is one of the worst exterior mods we've ever seen. Bonus points for having a license plate that matches your commenter name, though.

Crappy Mod: Coffee Can Exhaust Mod
Crappy Modder: Mytdawg
Why It's So Awful: Though we've come to expect the fart can mod on any number of old Honda Civics, the addition of one to a Geo Prism is wonderfully awful.

Crappy Mod: Aftermarket Pedal Covers
Crappy Modder: Tinn-Can
Why It's So Awful: "Probably the same crappy pedal covers you guys bought... Only in racing automatic trim for my 1991 4runner... Turns out it made the brake pedal and the throttle too close for my dad to hit only one at a time so he rammed my car into our garage. The harder he would press the brake, the more gas he would give it in turn..." Ouch!

Crappy Mod: Eyelids With A Headlight Mask
Crappy Modder: Yachius
Why It's So Awful: "In Exhibit C we have eyelids and headlight masks that prevented the hood from closing completely and spray-painted hubcaps."

Crappy Mod: Half A Suspension Upgrade
Crappy Modder: Ash78
Why It's So Awful: "I managed to install the rear Eibach suspension on my car a few years ago, but after 4 fruitless hours with no air tools, I was unable to get the front struts apart (and was probably dangerously close to losing an appendage via flying spring). So until I was able to get the car to the indy mechanic, I actually drove around with 1.5" drop in the rear, stock front. For nearly 2 weeks."

Crappy Mod: 8-Track In A Vega
Crappy Modder: Mytdawg
Why It's So Awful: "I put a Pioneer 8-track and 6x9's in a Vega, any modification of a Vega is automatic fail. It also had a piece of cement in the trunk for traction and it often fell out through the holes."

Photo Credit: DigitalSpy

Crappy Mod: Toilet Paper Filter
Crappy Modder: Flat_Tar
Why It's So Awful: We can think of a lot of uses for two-ply, but the toilet paper filter uses a product not designed for automobiles and sticks it under the hood. TP ultimately degrades so, you know, use septic safe!

Photo Credit: CumminsForums

Crappy Mod: Super Adjustable JDM Shifter
Crappy Modder: Captain Caveman
Why It's So Awful: Yeah, it's a robot penis.