Buying Ford stock at $1.87 is an idea that seems good in hindsight. Throwing a Cherry Bomb on the exhuast of your mom's Ford Taurus? Not so much. Looking back, what's the crappiest mod you've ever made?

We put so many miles in our old 1994 Ford Escort hatchback we'd literally worn the cheap rubber off the clutch pedal. Rather than try to get something that even slightly resembles the stock clutch, we went to the local parts store to purchase something a little racier, walking out with a pair of chrome-painted plastic covers for all three pedals, not just the left one. Not only did it make my otherwise humble Escort seem like a whorish J.C. Whitney whip, it actually made it less functional than trying to shift with just a sliver of surface area. They kept falling off, they were uneven, I almost killed myself a few times. CRAPPIEST. MOD. EVER.

So show us your most craptastic mod by way of picture in the comments below. We'll make sure all the shots make it to the front comment page — now have at it!

Inspired by this thread from The Car Lounge.

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