Featuring what looks to be Interceptor versions of America's most dispensable car, the Ford Crown Vic, contestant couples on ABC's "CRSH CRSE" scream at each other and ram them at high speed into various objects.

ABC's "CRSH CRSE" follows the successful Wipeout model of combining ridiculous stunts, contestants with sub-average intelligence, and hosts who are partially famous/funny. But this time they've added cars!

Contestants on CRSH CRSE compete in pairs through an entire series of vehicular obstacles. Though it purports to be a show about big stunts, there are less physical bloopers than Wipeout compensated with more verbal abuse. This is best exemplified by the clip above with Ralph and Jenny, which involves a lot of yelling, passive aggressiveness, and insults about driving ability. This show is basically our childhood.

Oh, and Dan Cortese and Orlando Jones are there.