Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe offers up a Convertible X-car that could be the last Omega you'll ever buy.

Ford wagons apparently hold a special spot in the hearts of Jalopnikadians. Only a bitter and angry 5% of you went for the Crack Pipe lever on yesterday's '66 ten-seater, before going back to pasting up vitriol-filled letters to the government, made from magazine clippings. The only thing that could have made that Country Squire even more desirable (other than it being in our driveway) was for more sun-speckled, wind in the hair action. Well, today we're going to set that right.

When GM redesigned their X-platform mid-sizers in 1980, they shifted from longitudinal engines and rear wheel-drive to front-driving sidewinders. GM also demonstrated their utter lack of understanding of how such a car should be designed and built. Representing some of the most loathed and despised vehicles ever to be shoddily-built by the too big to fail auto maker, the Chevy Citation, Pontiac Phoenix, Buick Skylark and Olds Omega greeted the eighties with a sassy attitude of craptacular mundaneness.


Okay, so they lacked basic driving competence. Perhaps their build quality would have shamed even a Haliburton contractor. So what if the steering has all the feel of sex with Verne Troyer. All that negativity will be swept away like a baby in a flood the first time you lower the top and step on the gas.

That's right, this Curtis Camper convertible conversion (rubber baby buggy bumpers!) means you can have both your X-car fix and skin cancer! Heavy reinforcements mean the car shouldn't collapse under its own weight when opening both doors, but it will further stress the wheezy 2.8, which was only in its second year of deployment in 1981, and lacked the power-making and driveability enhancing mojo of fuel injection or EMS which made its 110 ponies feel like that many fat, lazy cats.

Curtis converted about 500 of these before coming to their senses, and who knows how few are left today? That means it will be significantly more rare than that Chrysler LeBaron convertible that has also caught your eye. A lot of new parts are claimed bolted to the Omega, as you would expect would be required of a 28 year old car. And it's starting price is only $2,000. It hasn't received any bids so far, and with only three days left on the ticker, yours might be the only one.


That $2,000 winning bid would buy you a unique ride. WWII veterans would nod in approval as you pass by in the Remembrance Day parade. Upon learning of your purchase, your grandmother will finally admit that you're not an idiot like your father, but that you still don't visit enough. The manager and waitstaff of the Olive Garden will ignore their other patrons to marvel at the topless two door when you pull into the parking lot. Yes, you'll have many miles of enjoyment in the car- at ten below the limit, in the left lane, with your blinker on.

So, is $2,000 a Nice Price to be the object of admiration from your elders? Or would buying this car be a big puff on the Crack Pipe, if you could just figure out how the kids get the dang thing to work?

You decide!

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