Here we go again, another LeMons Über Gallery! We've got over 2,000 photos of the action from the Buttonwillow Histrionics.

Before we get to the photos of yucky, leaky, rusty race cars falling apart in the Central Valley swelter, we've got more proof that "Yakety Sax" works as the ideal soundtrack for anything; in this case, a nicely edited Buttonwillow Histrionics documentary video by MotoIQ's Jeff Naeyaert.

As for the photos, here's the deal: our beloved Gawker Server Hamsters really hate Über Galleries, and so we've had to break this one up into 9 parts, each containing a couple hundred photos. They're semi-organized (i.e., most shots of a particular car will probably be found grouped loosely together), but you're just going to have to dive in and browse to find, say, all the SE-Rs or Camaros. Thanks to Nick Pon, LTDScott, and probably a few others whose names have slipped between the organizational cracks for the photos. Special thanks to Robin Robinson of the heroic Big Sausage/Krider Racing Integra (seen above, upside-down in a cloud of dust) for the great photo of the first- and second-place cars! As always, teams that want the original full-resolution photos of their car in action should email me.

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a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 4a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 5a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 6
a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 7a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 8a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ffPart 9

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