Based on the Series II Defender, the Bell Aurens Longnose doesn't have a roof, windows, windshield wipers, heat, A/C or any safety equipment, but it does have a 235 HP Rover V8.


Originally intended to house a 1,500 HP, 27-liter Rolls Royce Merlin engine (the same one found in a Spitfire), that exaggerated hood gives the Longnose its unique character. Sadly, the TUV didn't think a fighter engine would be safely employed as the motivation for a 1960s SUV with no airbags or antilock brakes, so we're instead stuck with a boring old Rover engine. Still, with the car weighing only 3,400 Lbs, that 300 Lb-Ft of torque should be enough to make drivers wish for a real windscreen.

Elsewhere on the Longnose you'll find a boat-style tail and a bunch of Olde English detailing, like leather hood straps and non-metallic paint. Which makes sense for a vehicle being produced by Ze Germans. We guess channeling TE Lawrence is more politically correct than recreating Erwin Rommel's staff car by putting a Panzer engine in it. In true Solihull via Asbach fashion, if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it. [Bell Aurens via]