Till this point we've been calling the new Mercedes SLS Gullwing, but photos below, taken by our own Wes Siler, seem to indicate there'll be a non-gullwing convertible as well.

So here's the scene. Mr. Siler's out on assignment in California and while awaiting a shuttle to the day's press event a quartet of camouflaged SLS's pull up and park, more or less begging to be photographed by the assembled press. Cue photographic onslaught. Most of what we can see has been widely publicized in the past. We've already seen official images of the interior and the first few shots of the car in it's entirety.

What's news here comes from a camouflage malfunction, which reveals one of the cars is in fact not a gullwing, but a convertible. Despite the zippered opening on the camo top, the fabric roof beneath is clearly visible. So in addition to the Frankfurt debut of the SLS Gullwing, we guess we're now expecting to see an SLS convertible as well. Those sneaky Germans.