Following yesterday's sojourn across the United States we'd open our minds and borders with ten great international drives chosen from the "Drives of a Lifetime" list from National Geographic: Traveler.

Click next to see our ten favorite international drives from the list, in no particular order. For the rest of the Drives of a Lifetime check out the full National Geographic list.

Photo Credit: Kloppster

Country: Italy
Where: Amalfi Coast
Why: Beautiful coastline, towering bluffs, and bella donnas make this one of the best drives along the Mediterranean.

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Country: Canada
Where: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
Why: This 185-mile loop around part of the island shows off a verdant, unmarred coast filled with wildlife and blessed with cool climate year-round.

Photo Credit: Jim Dollar

Country: England
Where: The Cornwall Coast
Why: Celtic ruins, narrow roads, crashing waves, and the odd Cornish beauty conspire to make this one of the best drives in Western Europe.

Photo Credit: Cosygreeneyes

Country: Netherlands
Where: Bollenstreek Route
Why: The Bollenstreek Route, a.k.a. The Flower Route, gets its name from the miles of road cutting a path through acres and acres of tulip fields. Explosions of color fill the eye, making this a perfect spring journey.

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Country: Canada
Where: Manitoba Prairies
Why: Not for the agoraphobic, this seemingly endless expanse of farmland and prairie opens the mind and evokes the spirit of life before the Internet.

Photo Credit: GarySimmons

Country: United States
Where: Hana Highway, Hawaii
Why: Gorgeous black-sand beaches, tropical greenery, and water everywhere — this is why people cross thousands of miles of empty Pacific to visit a spec of volcanic rock. Nearly 600 curves and 59 bridges don't hurt either.

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Country: France
Where: Provence
Why: Ever dream of crossing a quiet countryside in a Citroen SM, then pulling into a little bistro for a glass of the local vintner's craft in the company of a stunning brunette mademoiselle? You were picturing Provence.

Photo Credit: Doozzle

Country: Jamaica
Where: The Pirate Route (Port Royal to Kingston)
Why: The island nation is small enough to cross in a day, and in crossing it you'll see beautiful coastline, small hillside villages, and the City of Kingston.

Photo Credit: Teepi

Country: New Zealand
Where: Lord of the Rings Route, North Island
Why: Whether you're a fan of the movie trilogy or not, New Zealand feels like Middle Earth. And to quote Flight Of The Conchords: "New Zealand: Rocks!!!"

Photo Credit: Man's Pic

Country: Canada
Where: Montreal, Area Loop Drive
Why: They can't all be coastlines, can they? From the urban heart of Montreal outwards toward wine country, this is a varied drive so wonderful Alfa Romeo named a car after it.

Photo Credit: Vox Photo