And despite appearances, we couldn't be happier being here at the Woodward Dream Cruise. We're just dumbstruck - veterans and first-timers alike are reeling with sensory overload. Share a bit of that with us below.

Peter Orosz, our very own crazy Euro car boy, and I have spent 12 hours on the road to meet up with our Detroit team, aka Ben Wojdyla, and Ray Wert, our lately home-location-confused boss, to cover the 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise. Here's some of Peter's shots from moments ago. Enjoy.

I believe the 2010 Camaro we drove here in had bigger wheels than this. Just barely.

Note to fellow Euro boys who think every chromed pipe growing out of the engine of an American car is a supercharger: this is not a supercharger. It is a fancy inlet with butterfly valves.

More Camaro! Unlike on the 2010 model we drove here from New York, the rear brake air inlet slits on this one appear to be functional.

You cannot have car events without a Datsun Z in some form showing up. Here's proof that even in Detroit that's a truism.

It has certainly come as a relief that even though I'm very, very far from Europe, Europe does take care of its astray children. And yes, a Ferrari F430 Spider is a highly surreal sight amidst all the Detroit iron here.

As told by our Detroit man Mr. Wojdyla, this is a nearly original Model A Ford. I believe him.

Shelby Mustang up close. Not shown: friendly wave from driver.

Clueless European saved yet again by close proximity to Detroit natives: 1963 Chevrolet pickup!

Please try and come up with clever things to say about a Chevrolet Malibu in the comments.

Before you say Darth Vader, your car is ready, let me tell you that barely an hour ago, we came across in a parking garage one of the 2000 Saab Turbo X's built. Wert claims almost all of the rest of them are used here as daily drivers as well.