"Evil Tweety," a 1971 Honda 600 running a 700cc air-cooled twin Electromotive fuel injection, high compression with a mild cam, is sort of a cult favorite at Bonneville Speed Week. Here's how they tune it.

The last time we caught up with Eric Burns the car was falling a little flat at the high end and not quite hitting the blistering 101.5 MPH top speed it's hit at Bonneville in the past, so he was working out the kinks still. "Evil Tweety," in case you weren't aware, is the worlds fastest stock class Honda 600, here we see Eric hard at work on the laptop tuning the fuel injection system and loading the engine with a water dyno, which puts this operation right in the top tier of technically advanced pit tuning. Check out the video and listen to that 700cc's of stock-block Honda fury wail. This is plated door slammer by the way, he actually drives this thing around Rohnert Park, California.

(EvilTweety has a commenter account here at Jalopnik by the way)