Like other celebrities, athletes and cars are both appreciated for the their stats, yet the combination of the two doesn't necessarily guarantee a great photo op. Don't believe us? Just check out these ridiculous athletes posing with cars below.

Most of these, not surprisingly, come from basketball and soccer players. If you have any great/awful athlete car poses please drop them in the comments below.

Athlete: Andre Agassi
Car: Porsche 911
Why It's Embarrassing: At some point Agassi was convinced to pose with his cars and girlfriend. The Vector from the other post is fairly ridiculous, but there's something about him sitting parade marshal-style in the Porsche that make us giggle.
Photo Credit: John Russell/Getty Images

Athlete: Shaq
Car: Rolls Royce Phantom
Why It's Embarrassing: Because Shaq doesn't take himself too seriously and has apparently never turned down a photo request, we could probably make an entire list out of Shaq poses. We didn't include this one or this one. Technically, he looks ridiculous, but we love him for it.

Athlete: Vernon Wells
Car: Honda Legend (JDM)
Why It's Embarrassing: Unfortunately, you probably can't take that novelty key with you because that Honda/Acura isn't coming with you. Fortunately, you look like you're completely bummed about getting a Honda anyways.
Photo Credit: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Athlete: Dirk Nowitzki
Car: Silver Comet
Why It's Embarrassing: Dirk Nowitzki is giant. Seriously, he could eat the Silver Comet. What do both of these things have in common? Both fall apart in the big game.
Photo Credit: DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images

Athlete: Marcelinho
Car: Volkswagen Touareg
Why It's Embarrassing: If you listen really closely you can hear the ocean.
Photo Credit: RONNY HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images

Athlete: Spud Webb
Car: Kia Borrego
Why It's Embarrassing: Why did Kia choose Spud to hang around when they announced their sponsorship of the NBA? Because they needed an NBA player small enough to make a Kia look big and Muggsy Bogues is retired.
Photo Credit: Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images

Athlete: Kobe Bryant
Car: Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible
Why It's Embarrassing:Although he wasn't asked, Kobe repeatedly insisted he could win the title without Minnie.
Photo Credit: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Athlete: Wayne Rooney
Car: Toyota Prius
Why It's Embarrassing: It's Wayne Rooney. The man is ridiculous
Photo Credit: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

Athlete: Magic Johnson
Car: Ford Escape Hybrid
Why It's Embarrassing: Magic Johnson, failed late night host and inarticulate commentator, explains how hybrids work and thereby makes himself look sillier than a felt frog with a man's hand up his butt.
Photo Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Athlete: Evander Holyfield
Car: Buick Riviera Concept
Why It's Embarrassing: Careful, Evander. That door could come down and take a chunk out of your ear.

Athlete: Tiger Woods
Car: Buick Enclave
Why It's Embarrassing: Buick paid Tiger Woods untold millions to be the brand's spokesman, but even with all that money he can't pretend to be excited about the awkward-looking Enclave.

Athlete: Shaq
Car: Lincoln Town Car Cartier L
Why It's Embarrassing: See the carpet on the ground? This is how Shaq gets around his living room.
Photo Credit: JOHN T. BARR/AFP/Getty Images