Virgin 240Z's are a rare find these days, and Nice Price or Crack Pipe is still looking. But in the mean time, here's a Canadian one with a V12 bun in the oven!

Yesterday the Mustang in sheep's clothing caught your attention with a 78% Nice Price landslide. Today we're going to contemplate a Datsun, that may also move mountains.

Nissan went up market when they replaced the MGB-aping Fairlady Sports 2000 with the Jaguar E-type-esque Zed-mobile. The 240Z shunned a droppable top and live axle for a coupe body and better-handling IRS set up. The new car also received two additional cylinders to the Bluebird-based SOHC engine. The 240, and later 260 and 280, became wildly successful and served to make it even more difficult for old-fogies MG and Triumph to make time with the cute girls.


The 150 bhp engine and slick 5 speed gearbox colluded to make an engaging, if not exhilarating driving experience, and the Z could out-handle many cars well above its pay grade. Gymkhana racers praised its tossability, and the 240 won the 1970 and 1971 SCCA C Production Championships with John Morton behind the wheel.

But that's not enough for some folks.

Six cylinders? 2,393 cubic centimeters? five speeds? Pfffft, why not twelve pots, 5,343 cubic centimeters, and six cogs in the box? Just last week we saw a Canadian Miata with a Ford V8 in it, and today we have a Toronto Zed-Car with a Jaguar V12 tucked neatly in its it'll never fit engine bay! What is with these crazy Canuks?

This Jag-powered Z comes in a fresh coat of BRG, and is claimed to be complete but for a mirror and radio aerial. But really, who cares about where you've been, or what's playing on CHUM FM, when a claimed 400 horsepower is just a sneaker-stab away? The T56 six-shifter and 12-bolt rearend from a Corvette mean you won't be leaving petite Datsun debris behind you the first time you punch it, either. And punch it you will, like like a nazi in the face. There's just no getting around the fact that this car would be a boon to hoon like nothing short of roller skates and a JATO strapped to your ass.


The owner says he needs to sell the car because his wife wants a pool. As the car is priced at only $9,800 Canadian, we're guessing that his desire to see her lounging in a bathing suit is driving the price.

So what do you think about that price for this tidy asian with the english heart transplant? Does $9,800 make you think the seller is smoking the Crack Pipe, eh? Or is that what Nice Price is all aboot?

You decide!

Toronto Kijiji, or go here if the ad disappears. V12 hat tip to Canuck Chinaman!

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