Jerry Reed was a pioneer in terms of crossovers, though you'd probably never see him driving around in the Dodge Journey. As a country musician he had a popular rock/country/cajun crossover with "Amos Moses." The crossover he's most famous for, though, is from country singer to actor in the trio of Smokey And The Bandit films. Musicians had been making movies for generations but few country musicians had managed such a feat. Today, it's standard to see country musicians become actors (Billy Ray Cyrus, Dwight Yoakum), but Reed was one of the first. We're curious how Reed would respond to the Phoenix TA trans-am ripoff, though Maymar has provided a clue.

That design has a long way to go, and a short time to get there.

Personally, we think the design is on its way to fulfilling a need in the marketplace. I mean, what else can you pick Sally Field up in?