We came to Bonneville for Speed Week, but we also wandered around close-by Wendover and found this totally awesome Fairchild C-123K sitting at the airfield, believe it or not it's the same one from Con Air.

The Fairchild is part of the Wendover Air Museum which chronicles the towns history as a training base for bombing pilots during the second World War. The military facilities installed at the time are still there, including barracks, the original tower, multiple hangers, including one capable of containing the enormous Stratofortress. This Fairchild though is just hanging out for all to inspect, stripped of its two prop engines and two auxiliary jet engines for use in takeoff with heavy loads, along with all the control cables cut, and other major systems and surfaces removed, it's pretty well seen its last days in the sky. There's still a lot there that's incredibly cool to inspect though. If we were scavengers from a dystopian alternate reality those Bendix switches in the cockpit would totally be ours, as would the various valves, locking mechanisms, and fuse boxes. And of course we took our turn in the cockpit, how could one not? We're also wondering how in the heck those two pristine belly tanks have survived this long, being so close to a place which appreciates them so much.