REO Speedwagon may no longer be cranking out inoffensive MOR rock, but today Nice Price or Crack Pipe is bringing you their namesake, and the only way to get it back on the road again will be to keep pushing.

Yesterday, the MR2 drifted into the hearts of only 41% of you, sadly dooming it to Crack Pipe purgatory. While that mid engined marvel was old school, we're going ancient school today.


The 1928 REO Flying Cloud, with it's roomy Fabio Segardi-designed body, was the company's first car to have hydraulic brakes, and a semi-automatic suspension lubrication system. The 3,640 pound sedan is motivated by a 268.5 c.i.d. 6 cylinder which cranks out 73 bhp, enough for you to take it on the run. Or could, if it were a runner.

Not only is it capable of less movement than REO Speedwagon's latest compilation album on the Billboard 500, but the roof of this stately sedan has been sawn off. And like many long-time fans of the band, the car's appearance does not benefit from going topless. Why it was lopped off goes unexplained, but the ad does offer that the buyer should roll with the changes and consider that this would make for one hell of a unique hot rod.

That being said, the lack of a roof would mean that the REO wouldn't be riding the storm out come the raining season. Overlooking that, the price is inline with what you might pay for a vinyl copy of Hi Infidelity in pristine condition, signed by all members of the band, and hand delivered by Kevin Cronin, who then offers to mow your lawn for $20. Times have been tough for the band because nobody likes the power-ballad any more and he can't do the rap. Have you ever heard a white guy from Illinois do the rap? It's not pretty. He also intimates that other services could be provided should the price be right, and asks if you've ever partied with a rock band- because they're all waiting down in the car. Leaning close, he says with a wink that, for $200, REO Speedwagon could be REO Lap-dancin' - if you get my drift.


So, getting back to the car, would you pay $3,500 for a roofless REO? Or is the seller on a flying cloud of crack pipe smoke?

You decide!

Milwaukee's Best Craigslist, or go here if somebody saws the ad off. Hat tip to tempesjo.

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