So we're heading to the turn in the access road for where we've camped out, and what to our wondering eyes should appear but this unfathomably cool 1950 Chevy Cabover custom built into a pickup.

We sought out the owner to hear about the details and it turns out the truck is a lot more interesting than meets the eye. While it's a 1950 cabin, it's riding on a 1970 Chevy K10 3/4 ton chassis, and one might imagine something like a 350 or 454 under the hood but again, nope, it's a 5300 V8 out of a modern Chevy pickup. Interesting. The truck looks like it rolled off the factory floor like that, instead the bed is off a similar vintage truck but the rocker panels and steps are all hand fabricated and the front fenders have been trimmed down to fit the lower profile. We've got a soft spot for these old Chevy's and this cabover is a special kind of cool.